Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The adventure begins...

This post has been a rather long time in coming... but finally, I´m off and the saga-steads adventure begins for real!

I popped over to Qaanaaq in the far north-western corner of Greenland in mid-December for Christmas (a couple of pics will be posted here soon). And couldn´t leave on account of the weather, which meant that the one weekly plane in and out of the place was cancelled. So I danced the Greenlandic polka on New Year´s Eve and marvelled at a spectacular 360 degree firework display, and had the chance to enjoy the 24-hour darkness for an extra week...

But now the Embulance is packed up and ready to go (I´ve been sleeping very comfortably in her the past few nights) and I hit the road headed to Harwich in a matter of hours. From Harwich I´ll sail to Esbjerg in Denmark, getting in at lunch time tomorrow. Then I´ll jump on the ferry from Hirtshals in Denmark over to the Faroes on Saturday. The beauty of this journey is that because Smyril line (the Denmark-Faroes-Iceland service) operates their winter timetable until April, I can´t buy an onward ticket from the Faroes to Iceland until I actually get to the Faroes. Wonderful! If all goes well though, I could be on Icelandic soil (or rock) next Wednesday...I will try to keep you updated with my progress where I can.

Finally, a short BBC Look East interview with some shots of the back of the (very spartan looking, pre-loading-of-kit) Embulance and a bit of chat about the project is to be found here -  


  1. Dear Emily,
    I am coming to Iceland at the end of the month. Can you tell me where you intend to be and when, so that we can try to meet ?

  2. super - i am looking forward to following your adventure :))

  3. Yeah! I've been waiting for updates since Christmas. Let the adventure begin!

  4. Emily,
    Congratulations! Good Luck! I'm coming mid-June and look forward to reading about your adventures to get me even more excited about my trip.


  5. Good Luck Emily! I'm dreaming to follow about your adventure. Be happy and enjoy it.

  6. Kaeri Emily, takk fyrir skemmtilega ferdasaga. Goo luck in yout travel in tofrar Islands.