Thursday, 11 November 2010

Iceland in pictures

In lieu of having first-hand descriptions of the saga-sites to post right now (not too much longer to wait though!), I thought people might be interested in a few photos I have taken in Iceland on previous occasions.

Some of these are better than others; those that aren't so technically accomplished I have included because they capture something of the atmosphere of a place at the time I was there... the formal art of photography is something I am trying to teach myself, so tips are very welcome. 

Those who are knowledgeable about such things might wish to know that the camera I have been using is an Olympus u 840. 

Hope some of these pictures transport you away from wherever you are for a few seconds, at least... 


  1. Some professional -- and stunning -- photos of Iceland by the photographer Rune Werner Molnes are on the web here:

    I have a lot to learn... but one has to start somewhere!

  2. Emily, thanks for the mention.

    More can be found here:

    If this is you starting, I'd say that you have a better starting point than most.

    Also, you already have one of the most important pre-determinats for becoming a truly good photographer: A deep and profound love and a understanding of your subject. Not to mention time to be patient and selective about when to press that shutter.

    Best Regards,

    Rune Werner Molnes