Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A sunny afternoon at Nene Overland, Peterborough

And here she is! An absolute beauty...and with the siren in working order as an added bonus. I took her for a little spin and can't wait to set off over a proper distance come January.

Some work will be done inside: a fridge will be put in (it's not always below zero in Iceland), and possibly even a little sink with a HOT water tap. Luxury. And for those who have expressed concerns about my surviving in slightly colder-than-Cambridge'll be relieved to hear that--because of it being a working ambulance in its former life--it is insulated, and (it just gets better) there is even a night-heater rigged up inside that runs off a second battery.

I'll be sleeping on one of the two benches; the second will be my spare all visitors will be put up in style. There are all kinds of useful lockers and cubby-holes to stash away gear. Best of all, the space behind the 'ambulance' sign, above the driver and passenger seats, is accessible from the back of the van (see the photo on the right) and it is there that I will house my travelling library.

Otherwise, I need to think about technical things, such as tyres and insurance. But she's pretty much ready to take to the tarmac, or the dirt track, or the no-visible-track-at-all, as she stands. What a brilliant afternoon!


  1. I want to come and stay in your landrover ambulance!

  2. Looks awesome =D

  3. What a brilliant idea.

    The Sagas and a Land-Rover !

    I shall be following your progress with much interest. Looking forward to the book already.

  4. I think this is brill! Well done. I hope it all went well.